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Eardrum Buzz Schedule

All times Pacific Time (PT)


Shore Dive Records Hour 2pm-3pm

Your First Listen with Kris Gardner 6pm-8pm (Weekly)

Shots From Across The Pond with Say Yes, Do Nothing, 11am & 8pm PT, 7am UK (Fourth Mondays)



Shore Dive Records Hour 2pm-3pm



Shore Dive Records Hour 2pm-3pm



Shore Dive Records Hour 2pm-3pm



Shore Dive Records Hour 2pm-3pm

Vapour Trail Live with Greg Peters, Meagan Masingill and Bret Miller 6pm-9pm (Second and fourth Fridays)

Necromantic with Lord Hyperion Visigoth and Lord Charon 9pm-2am (Fourth Fridays)



"Love My Way" Post-Punk Block 2am-9am and between shows.

Six Beats Under with DJ Wednesday 9am-11am & 9pm-11pm (New first and third Saturdays, encores the following weeks)

Shore Dive Records Hour 11am-12pm

Shore Dive Records Transmissions 12pm-1pm, 4pm-5pm & 8pm-9pm (New first and third Saturdays, encores the following weeks)

New Wave Nostalgia with DJ Wednesday 1pm-4pm (Second and fourth Saturdays)

The Charles Motorbike Show 11pm-1am (Weekly)



"We Are Electro" Electronic blocks between shows

Sound Is Deep in The Dark & Shoegaze Dreams with DJ Wampas 10am & 6pm (First and Third Sundays, encores the following weeks)

Rock Never Rusts with David Kasheta 11am and 7pm. (Weekly)

Keeley's Blissed-Out Bangers 12pm and 8pm (Weekly)

Souvlaki Bass Station 1pm & 9pm (First Sundays) & You Are There (Live recordings) (Third Sundays) Both repeat the following weeks.



Shore Dive Records Transmissions: New first and Second Saturdays at 12pm, 4pm and 8pm, replays the following week.

Nico Beatastic plays new music from Shore Dive Records and the latest releases from bands around the world.


The Charles Motorbike Show: Saturdays at 11pm-1am.

Charles hosts a weekly live show with Shoegaze, Psych, Dream Pop and requests.


Keeley's Blissed Out Bangers: Sundays at 12pm & 8pm, 8pm UK.

Keeley Moss presents classics and new releases from Indie Rock to Shoegaze to Dream Pop and everything in between.


Necromantic: Fourth Fridays at 9pm-2am PT, 10pm-3am MT

Lord Hyperion Visigoth and Lord Charon spin dark and deadly Dance, New Wave, Goth, Industrial and Post-Punk classics and new releases, showcasing Denver, CO bands.


Shots From Across The Pond: Fourth Mondays at 11am & 8pm PT, 7pm UK.

Two hours of Scotch-fuelled talk and music from the members of Say Yes, Do Nothing.


Six Beats Under: Saturdays at 9am-11am and 9pm-11pm, new on first and third Saturdays, Encores the following weeks.

Two hours of Goth, Darkwave, Post-Punk, and Shoegaze from DJ Wednesday.


Sound Is Deep in The Dark & Shoegaze Dreams: First and Third Sundays at 10am & 6pm, encores the following weeks.

DJ Wampas alternates between Sound is Deep in the Dark (Goth, Darkwave, Post-Punk) and  Shoegaze Dreams (Dream-Pop, Shoegaze & Ethereal), mixed hour sets.


Souvlaki Bass Station and You Are There: First & Third Sundays at 1pm & 9pm

Souvlaki Bass Station:  First Sundays. Echodrone bassist Brandon Dudley presents two eclectic hours of music that is all about the bass and the bassists who lays down the bottom end. You may recognize the songs, you might not, but you'll learn to better appreciate the bassist as part of the music that you love.

You Are Here: 3rd Sundays. Live recordings with background from Brandon.


Vapour Trail Presents: Ausgaze: Thursdays at 8pm PT & ACT

Greg Peters hosts an hour of music from Australia and New Zealand. (Weekly)

Vapour Trail Presents: Worldgaze 8pm PT & ACT (Fifth Thursdays)


Vapour Trail LIVE: Second and Fourth Fridays at 6pm-9pm.

Greg Peters, Meagan Masingill and Bret Miller present themed and freeform sets LIVE! Send your requests.


Your First Listen: Mondays at 6pm.

Kris Gardner presents two hours of Darkwave, Post Punk and more.

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