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Bret Miller

Bret runs the station, does occasional mixes and live shows.

Facebook: @bretrmiller

EDB Facebook: @eardrumbuzz

Instagram: @eardrumbuzzradio

Twitter: @eardrumbuzz



Burbank, California



Brighton, England

Nico is the owner of Shore Dive Records & musician at BEATASTIC, Xeresa, Tears On Demand, Futurafter and The Insatiable Disquiet. 


Beatastic Transmissions is a monthly show hosted by Nico, featuring music from Shore Dive Records & new music from around the world.

Show: Shore Dive Records Transmissions

Time: Saturdays 12pm, 4pm & 8pm PT

8pm, 12am & 4am UK

replays the following week

Facebook: @nico.beatastic

Instagram: @beatastic666

Twitter: @beatasticband


Margaret Fenton DJ Wednesday bio photo.j

Margaret Fenton

Portland, OR

Originally based in Los Angeles DJ Wednesday was a staple in the LA scene for well over a decade. Her radio show Generation Death was touted as the longest-running goth radio show, with 14 years of history.


In the clubs, Wednesday's diverse style has been instrumental in the growth of the Shoegaze and Post-punk scene through her co-creation of Violaine. Wednesday was a resident DJ at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, CA for over 6 years as well as guest deejayed at infamous LA clubs such as Ruin, Das Bunker, Eternal, Severance and Hex Hollywood.


In addition to her guest spots she co-promoted/created, Wumpskate, Los Angeles’s only all-ages roller skating event. Musically her DJ style includes a heavy dose of Goth, Ethereal, Shoegaze, Dark 80’s, Dark Wave and Post-Punk. Since relocating to Portland in late 2008, Wednesday has guest deejayed at Dementia, Oubliette, Hive and Shadowplay as well as starting her own monthly night Brickbat Mansion. 

Show: Six Beats Under 

Time: 1st & 3rd Saturdays - 9am & 9pm PT

replays the following week


Facebook: @djwednesdaypdx

Instagram: @djwednesdaypdx

Twitter: @djwednesdaypdx


Greg Vapour Trail Peters.JPG

Greg Peters


My musical journey probably really began in 1979 at age 11 with The Cure's first album. My friends and I used to make mixtapes featuring Echo & The Bunnymen, Siouxsie & The Banshees, the J & MC, The Psychedelic Furs and Frankie Goes To Hollywood!  In the late 80's bands like The Smiths, New Order, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys were at the forefront. 


In 1991 I DJ'd on Adelaide's alternative music station, Triple M, now called Three D and this is where I discovered RIDE, Chapterhouse, Teenage Fanclub, Lush, etc and I started going to local shoegaze gigs.  Radiohead and dabbling in hardcore punk was my backdrop through the 2000's.

I re-started my DJ'ing career on Tribe FM in 2019 with Vapour Trail. We focus on shoegaze, dream pop, occasional 80's/90's specials and interviewing local and international bands such as Blush Response, The Howling Fog, Plainbow, Austosleeper, Ousel and Dive Collate.


Show: Vapour Trail - Ausgaze

Time: Thursdays- 8pm PDT & 8pm ACST

Show: Vapour Trail Live

Time: 2nd & 4th Fridays - 6pm & 9pm PT

Facebook: @vapourtrailontribe

Facebook Group: @ausgaze


Kris Gardner.jpg

Kris Gardner

Fargo, ND

Kris Gardner has been a part of the staff at 89.1 KNNZ, a non-commercial FM station in Fargo, North Dakota since 2014 and has been hosting a weekly program called Your First Listen since March of 2019.


I am a total music nerd, and because I grew up in the 80's, I have an undying devotion for the music from that era, particularly new wave and modern rock. Even though I am extremely comfortable in the year 1987, I also have a passion for new music.


Before I started hosting my program,  I had seen a study claiming that the average person stopped listening to new music by the time they were 33. What? Really? I guess I must be an "exception", as I never quit. I feel that if a person stops learning, stops finding new things, it's basically all over. I don't want that. Yes, I love The Chameleons and Clan Of Xymox, I always will, but I don't want to be content just staying there. Because I was well past that magical age when I took on my show, I wanted to blow that notion out of the water. My focus was not only on playing new music, it was also on highlighting bands and artists that the listener wasn't going to hear just anywhere. I find a lot of enjoyment in discovering new music and hope that I can make others feel that as well.

Show: Your First Listen

Time: Mondays - 6pm PT

Facebook: @yourfirstlisten89.1


2023 Bio Pic4.jpg

John Treanor

Los Angeles, CA

John Treanor is the driving force behind Tombstones In Their Eyes, Los Angeles-based pscyh/shoegaze/rock&roll band. Having spent most of his life involved in music in one way or another, he puts together a unique blend of music, both old and new.  This includes psych, punk, doom, shoegaze, alt/indie, metal, rock & roll, etc. 

Show: The Bitter Seas

Time:  Tuesday 6pm - 9pm PT


Facebook: @TombstonesInTheirEyes

Facebook: @john.treanor.397

Instagram: @tombstonesintheireyes

Twitter: @tombsinthreyes

Say Yes, Do Nothing_band pic.jpg

Say Yes, Do Nothing

London, UK

Dan, Dave, Matty and Jake – members of the London-based Say Yes, Do Nothing – spin tales and their favorite UK bangers while emptying a bottle of scotch. Topics range from when a venue’s roof collapsed before stage time to stoned children to aid work in Afghanistan, until their bottle, or time, runs out.


Say Yes, Do Nothing Band bio: "Imagine a punk fronting a honkytonk with lairy Jimmy Page in tow. The singer and writer of our latest single, “By the River” is Dan, a music teacher for aspiring urban minds. Dave writes songs between humanitarian aid missions in war zones, and the rhythm section, drummer Matti and bassist Jake, are recording engineers in London. Winners of the UK Future Music Award.

SYDN’s latest single was hailed as “rocking…a classic…throws you back to the golden 70’s”.

Show: Shots From Across the Pond

Time: 4th Mondays - 11am & 8pm PT - 7pm UK

Facebook: @sayyesdonothing

Instagram: @sayyesdonothing

Twitter: @sayyesdonothin1


Charles Motorbike photo square.jpg

Charles Motorbike

Los Angeles, CA

Charles Motorbike, born and raised in Los Angeles,
California. Charles has been in the Los Angeles
music scene since 1992.And has been playing
drums professionally for over 25 years.
In the mid 90's he did a radio show on KUCI 88.9 in
Irvine, CA that lasted 2 years.

His latest radio show, The Charles Motorbike Show
has been airing for the last year and his main
objective is to expose up and coming bands in the
genres of shoegaze, garage rock, indie-pop and
psychedelic rock.

"This is the future of radio"-Charles Motorbike

Show: The Charles Motorbike Show

Time: Saturdays - 11pm - 1am PT 

Facebook: @thecharlesmotorbikeshow


Wampas silhouette.png


Paris, FR

Wampas, has been in love of music for ever and amateur DJ since the age of 13


With strong UK influences (he has shared his time between Paris and London) and massive fan of Rock music he hosts several shows monthly on Mixcloud specializing in Post-Punk, Coldwave, Indie Rock, Shoegaze and Dreampop/Ethereal music.


His DJ name is a tribute to the French punk rock band "Les Wampas" to which he is a big fan.


In his neverending search for the new jewel song out there he will make you discover artists and songs that do not have the media exposure they deserve.

Show: Sound is Deep in the Dark (Goth, Darkwave, Post-Punk)

Time: 1st Sundays - 10am & 6pm PT

replays the following week

Show: Shoegaze Dreams (Dream-Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Rock & Ethereal)

Time: 3rd Sundays - 10am & 6pm PT

replays the following week

Facebook: @wampas.ninetynine


Brandon photo (1).jpeg

Brandon Dudley

Southern California

I am a librarian and musician based out of Southern California. Growing up in the Bay Area in the 80s, I was exposed to a steady diet of Live 105 and to the diverse music tastes of my friends. I spent my teens, twenties and thirties taking in as much live music as possible and diving deeper into my favorite music genres. Having been a fan of new wave and post-punk since those early years and discovering shoegaze in 1990-91, I've spent much of the past several years discovering new bands who evaded my ear before the 'Net made it so easy to find new favorites and rediscover old ones.


Throughout my life, I have always gravitated to the bassier instruments. Starting with the baritone sax and picking up the bass guitar right before college, I have spent my off hours in various groups and my bedroom appreciating the foundation that the bass provides. As bassist in Echodrone, I have a venue to create new basslines and share my creative pursuits with others.


Through my show Souvlaki Bass Station, I hope to share this appreciation of the finer things in bass with Eardrum Buzz listeners.

Show: Souvlaki Bass Station

Time: 1st Sundays - 1pm & 9pm PT

replays the following week

Show: You Are There (Live Recordings)

Time: 3rd Sundays - 1pm & 9pm PT

replays the following week

Facebook: @therealbeejaydee


David Kasheta

Cape Cod, Ma

My passion is your passion.  I believe I may share a common history with a lot of you. I submerged myself in music the way
many of you did, listening to the radio and that allowed us to take our imagination as far as we could dream.  Years later, it never occurred to me to follow this beacon as a full time commitment, I got lazy and then real life started. Now, years later, my compass has directed me back to what has always been my true north, to music.


To all Musicians, Producers, DJ’s, Publicists, Podcasters and patrons of a great hook or groove, I now have the privilege to share your imagination and creativity during my showcase, Rock Never Rusts. This was the name of my first radio show at 16 years of age.

Give me an opportunity to share some great stuff I’ve loved throughout the years, like Garage Rock, BritPop, Power Pop, British Invasion, New Wave, Shoegaze, Punk and chunky and funky Rock and Roll as well as their genres newest incantations. I always will be listening to you with a heightened sense of curiosity because you continue to provide me with exceptional creativity, every day.  Your passion is my passion.

Show: Rock Never Rusts

Time: Sundays - 11am & 7pm PT


Instagram: @rock_never_rusts

Twitter: @dkash

Youtube: @rockneverrusts




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