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I never fit in. I was never comfortable in the world. At around age 13 we started going to swap meets and I’d pick up the cassettes of the bands I’d heard on the radio. I listened to The Seventh Day on KLOS where they’d play 7 albums in their entirety every Sunday night. I’d record the albums I liked and would listen to them on my Walkman. I made mixtapes on cassette later on using a Radio Shack stereo mixer. In college I had a show for a year or so but it was on a tiny AM station that you could only hear in the square, in the library patio and in the classroom. As soon as you walked near the eastern end of the hallway, KFWB would take over the radio used to listen to the college station.

Now, not much has changed: cassettes are making a comeback and vinyl sales are improving. CD’s, eh, now we have digital files that take up no physical space and that’s my main way of purchasing music these days. Less Clutter. I can do my shows from home, at my computer desk and mix it all and play it back any time I want.


So here I am, many decades into my life and able to present music to you from before I was born until just yesterday, from bands I’d not know about if not for gatekeepers of music I chat with on the internet or the others with their own regular music shows. My tastes are eclectic and wide-ranging, so expect the unexpected. I choose to leave out some types of music because you can hear it all too many other places.

Eardrum Buzz represents me, now and I’m pleased to be able to take you along for the ride.


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