Somewherecold Records is selling Devotions' Pusher on CD and digital and if 100 people order the vinyl, it will get pressed and released later this year. In order for that to happen, you MUST order the vinyl. Devotions' warm and inviting sound will surely sound incredible on vinyl coming out of big speakers, enveloping the air with bass synths and sensual vocals.

Pre-order Pusher here:

releases September 9, 2021

Luke Zahnleiter – music and lyrics

Kate Mockunzie – vocals

Listen to this if you like: SRSQ, Darkswoon, Tamaryn, Grivo.

As someone that has been actively listening to, being critical of and talking about music since 1980 when I was a young teen, I like to think I have a refined sense of what music "works" for me. What touches me, what makes me think, feel, wonder about.

The other night I futiley tried to get a few songs onto my computer and onto my online radio station. I was stopped short by a band called Devotions. Knowing nothing about them, other than a suspicion that they were on Somewherecold Records, I gave them a listen.

Usually I will scan the songs, tag them and put them on the station. It's time consuming and I don't often get to fully enjoy the music of most bands. I put the songs on Devotions' album Pusher in order and listened from beginning to end.

They remind me a little of Tamaryn with her sensual and soothing vocals sang over guitars and programmed drums. But then I hear the synth bass and think Darkswoon. Then the band mixes up the tempo with guitars drifting through a sea of synths and bass groove. The vocals really sink into my psyche with a romantic, emotional delivery, something sorely lacking in what I've heard lately.

The second half of the album forgoes guitars almost entirely, just some strums here and there. But the melodies and chord progressions draw you in with synth strings and midtempo, crunchy percussion. It's that voice though that's really the highlight.

Devotions create a mood, an environment to breathe and relax or have your breath taken away by their slow-burn arrangements. They make you feel something, whether it's longing, loving or loss. The music on Pusher will enchant you.

Written by Bret Miller

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From Sean Melody aka 0s0, aka DJ Raid, host of Sonic Umami on Fridays at 9pm PT (2am PT on 4th Fridays)

This list goes to 11: (written while.waiting in car, ignore typos)

Talking with one of the people I have been working with to make Sonic Umami a unique show, I started talking about the top 5 people I think will change the face of dark music in the next five years.

I realized I was slightly caught off guard when asked who else. And answered mainly correct on how I feel, but made a couple of changes. One being that there are around 10 people I see actively changing things. One was a person I got mixed in from another question, about who/what brought me out of retirement as DJ.

So I have seen some posts about this, and I have been asked very similar things over and over across the years so I, decided to actually publish this list.

One disclaimer, this is not about musicians I see changing things this is about the people behind the scenes and this is in no particular order.

I will start off with talking about something, mostly not spoken about PR people and their connection between artists, DJs, writers, etc... This has for decades been either amazing, or gathering the scraps that someone threw out the window.

Being a DJ for approximately 33 yrs and counting, I have dealt with quite a few, most have either been for a specific label, or they go after big clients only. Where as this has brought dome amazing work to me as a DJ, it over shadows all the amazing artists out there, that get next to me no notice, because they either can't afford a high dollar pr, or don't have any idea how to get their music out there.

This is where William Zimmerman steps in.

I am not calling judgement of other PR people, but the sheer volume of amazing music that has come to me for my show (Sonic Umami) through this man in just a few months is amazing.

And there hasn't been a single release he had turned me onto that I do not want to play on my show, but it has actually led me to expanding the show, to showcase and feature so many different amazing artists work.

If you are looking for not just good PR for your project. Talk to this man, his time is going to start getting more and more limited.

This brings me to my next pair of people.

Being part of the underground music community we all know how important compilations and tribute albums are to all, be it goth, metal, industrial, idm, whatever... Comps can completely change the trajectory of an artists years if not career and these 2 people have put out my favorite comps that are not just label specific, and showcase mind boggling amount of talent across many genres.

First off os Chris Halstead of Coitus Interruptus Productions.

If you have not at least gone to a link to one of the amazing tribute albums he has put together for artists ranging from Fad Gadget to Coil, I recommend you go and do it right now. If not purchase all that he has put out from the artists you like.

Each tribute albums is amazingly well put together. From the cover art to the track selection, these are some of the best tribute compilations to come since the Newer Wave series.

Next is James Church of CRL Studios.

It's been years since I have taken part in even submitting music to labels, etc... to participate in a comp. And the industry has changed drastically since that time.

In the last year, I was finally convinced to digitally release all the music I have been sitting on and writing to more success than I would have expected, but that is for another post.

But still hadn't really tried to submit music for a comp, until February of this year. James wasn't the first person I submitted tracks to, but he was the first to respond openly, professional and courteously. He was direct in what was needed and gave a date when thing were actually moving forward.

I bring this up because, this is not the attitude across all sources in the industry, and the comp that came from it is I believe the most important comp for underground music since the Ras DVA: There is No Time comp that changed the sound of so many clubs across the country. The sheer volume of artists on the 5th Wavelength 3 volume comp is staggering and so is the amount of talent. I am beyond proud to be part of this comp (volume 3: Victim 323- Concussed... Actually to be officially released as Noize Kult Revolver, that's a whole other bag of worms.) I recommend getting all three volumes.

This brings me to 4 artists that seems to be infused across the industry or just making a huge impact with the timing and placement of their art. This is by no way an exhaustive list of artists I think are going to make an impact, but specific ones currently shaping the face of the industry in way that we will not just see people wearing, hanging on walls, etc...,but are going to be copied to inspire generations to come.

I am going to start this part out talking about two musician who's as much a visual genius, as they are at orchestration of crazy electronic music projects that are as much art as music.

I am talking about Steven Archer , and his lovely wife Donna Lynch unless you have been living under a rock within the dark electronic music communities you have at least heard of Steven, and his Donna's work in one way or another, be it musically with Egolikenss, and Stone Burner, to the written horror of Donna, to the Paintings of Steven, any much more.

Next bring me to another artist I discovered through his music Mr. Scary Black himself Albie Mason.

Albie is a master communication of many mediums, watching his daily to sometimes hourly creations is one.of the highlights of my day. From gracing the covers to stings of visual meditations and concepts Albie is one to watch for and delight in the fact you are alive to witness it.

The are those artists who define a record label, band, or a generation. Those who have been around know a Wax Trax album cover without second thought, or a 4ad, or hell even Joy Division when you see the art, you don't just see it... You hear it. That's where this next artist is taking things. I already have a collection or albums this artist has done the covers of over the last year mainly for COP international that i see the art I automatically hear the music.

I am speaking of Greg Rolfes.

In the last year Greg has put more art on albums that are the sound on now, then most people do their whole lives.

This multi talented multi medium artist is someone who art we will be seeing across this community for years to come.

So one Dj makes this list simply for their seer dedication to the dark music community world wide, and that DJ Yami Speechie...

Yami's streams, playlists, and sights cover so many different styles from ever.corner of the earth and then some. Yami has something for almost everyone.

I am going to wrap this up with two groups more than specific people.

Zines have been a staple of underground music culture for as long as there has been an underground music community.

The first I am going to cover Ken Magerman and Sounds and Shadows, where as i had a falling out as an administrator with S&S, I still believe Ken is genuinely trying to help and is currently changing the underground dark music community, and has lead to a surprising number of independent artists to find their audiences.

Last but definitely not least is the collective of Sherri and Azy Bats , Maus Corderman and everyone at Obscura Undead.

Obscura undead is doing a modern version of what Fred Berger, John Koviac, and Sean Brennan were doing in the 80's and 90's with Propaganda magazine, and then some.

The people at Obscura Undead in the last year have done more for women in all aspects of the industry as well as covering and playing the most diverse collection of music outside of Yami Speechie.

And to make this complete I have to add Bret Miller and Ear Drum Buzz Radio, Bret has made one.of the most open musical formats I have ever dealt with. The only thing he asks is no wav files, otherwise he lets the DJ's do what they do best, share music with the world.

I thank you for reading this far and I do hope you enjoy listening to the station! Send me some feedback or a request at:


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Eardrum Buzz Radio just celebrated it's first birthday July 1st-4th. We had 13 guest DJ's, 10 guest shows, an opening live mix with myself and Meagan Masingill, DJ Wednesday went live and Danny Gellis celebrated all the DJ personalities in Los Angeles he grew up listening to.

Why do I do this? As I was messaging publicist William Zimmerman, I said I do this to stay sane, even with tinnitus, being highly sensitive and an INTJ introvert. Putting music on a station, dealing with people online that are DJ's and fans and musicians, this all feels safe. It's something I can handle. And there's no pressure, other than the anniversary weekend when I had to make sure everything was programmed correctly, all the songs were set, all the shows were in the schedule. I am proud to say that I only had one mishap, I was home at the time and it was an easy fix.

And we had prizes!

Richard Flierl got the GRAND PRIZE:

Somewherecold Records:


JEREMY BASTARD - Everyone Is History There Is No Memory

The Corrupting Sea - Soul Mate (Double Vinyl)

Tombstones In Their Eyes - Collection (Double Vinyl)

Woolfredt - Tides


Giacomelli - Interplanetary Thoughts

A Distant Shore- Better Days EP

City of Dawn & The Corrupting Sea - Mosaic of Senses

Light Humidity - Liquid

drone in the woods & electro/magnetic - Lymphae

Backwards Charm - Nevergreen

Your Gaze - Mind Palace Technique

John the Silent - Renewal

Blue Unit - S/T

The Corrupting Sea - Chamber Music For The Dead

Federico Balducci - Fourthousandblackbirds

Nebvla Glow - S/T

A Journey of Giraffes - Sunshine Pilgrim Map

Feu Follet - Beneath The Earth CD & Comic from Blackjack Illuminist Records

Choux - Super Moon EP DL

Submotile - Sonic Day Codas DL

This Sect - Everything We Know Into A Black Hole DL & more from Sect Appeal Records

Brickbat Mansion compilation from DJ Wednesday & No Movement Records

Nax - Frozen & Frozen B-sides DL's

Daniela Angione won the FIRST PRIZE:

Tom Lugo and Patetico Recordings: Panophonic Medium/Large T Shirt and a Stellarscope "A glimpse of light in the darkness" CD.

Plus: Blackjack Illuminist Records Feu Follet - Beneath The Earth CD & Comic & Verneblung, Distance Dealer and Fir Cone Children DL's

Shore Dive Records: Just Like Honey on vinyl. This Sect - Everything We Know Into A Black Hole DL & label discography

Brickbat Mansion compilation from DJ Wednesday & No Movement Records

Nax - Frozen & Frozen B-sides DL's

Sheila Zwisler won the SECOND PRIZE:

Fernando at Bleeding Light Music: eHpH - Infrared and Plague Garden - Requiem of Souls CD's

Shore Dive Records: Just Like Honey CD. Choux - Super Moon DL

This Sect DL's

This Sect - Everything We Know Into A Black Hole DL & label discography

Brickbat Mansion compilation from DJ Wednesday & No Movement Records

Nax - Frozen & Frozen B-sides DL's

Brent Lebsock won the THIRD PRIZE:

Alex & Blackjack Illuminist Records: Verneblung, Distance Dealer and Fir Cone Children DL's

Nax - Frozen and Frozen B-Sides DL's

Submotile - Sonic Day Codas DL

Choux - Super Moon EP DL

Brickbat Mansion compilation from DJ Wednesday & No Movement Records

Thanks to all the labels and bands for supplying the music, both digital and physical, thanks to the winners for actually following directions, to the musicians who contributed shows and to the listeners for taking the time to support us and enjoy the music.

Please continue to listen to Eardrum Buzz Radio throughout the year, go to the schedule page to catch everyone's shows.

If you want to write about music I've got a website (you're on it now) and if you have a band, I've got a band spotlight page. If you're a fan, send a picture and tell us about you.

Who are you? What is your background? Who are you listening to now that we should know about and be playing on the station?

I thank you for reading this far and I do hope you enjoy listening to the station! Send me some feedback or a request at:


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