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Powder Pink & Sweet is a band whose songs I'm proud to include on Eardrum Buzz Radio. Hear the Los Angeles band's new single Grey Day on Madame Maledicta's live show Thursday, October 29th from 8am-9am PDT, and on Friday 10/30 purchase Grey Day on Bandcamp.


Rarely do I follow a band or artist to the point of actually noticing their evolution, or the focus of their sound from album to album. So, even if the members have all been in previous bands,  I find joy in discovering a band at the beginning of their career.


Cris Verso has created music and sang in bands before Powder Pink & Sweet, including The Sleeping Car with Rafe Mandel who is also in Polar Goldie Cats and Best Coast. 


After two singles, the gazey Blue Sunshine from 2016 and the electronic pop of Clockin' Time in 2018, in 2020 Verso is back in full band mode on Grey Day with guitars that swirl and dive, bass thrums giving gravity to the guitars, and a midtempo drum beat that gives the impression of forward movement.  Grey Day, according to Verso, is about "longing to achieve dreams and have excitement, but being stuck and not being about to get to that point."


For myself and music fans all over the world, music is transportive, sometimes it takes us away from our worries to another place, another world, helps us express emotions, or to set a marker in where we are in life. Music helps put our time on this earth into context, gives meaning to our experiences and aids us in recalling the good times and bad. Cris Verso and Powder Pink & Sweet may call their song Grey Day, but hearing it will certainly brighten yours.


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