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Favorite Band: Iron Maiden

Norwich, UK


My name is Clinton but I prefer Clint. I am 50 years old I live in UK a city called Norwich an area of the UK called East Anglia. I have an interest in most genres of music from classical to heavy. My favourite band if all time would be Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson, in my opinion is the best front man ever but Paul Di'anno with a different style to Bruce is right behind. Then the likes of Kate Bush,Talking Heads, Yello, Kraftwerk, Rammstein. I just recently discovered a little known band called Alestorm and they are heavy metal pirates, well worth a listen. Then the likes of David Bowie, T-Rex,The Animals, my list goes on. I stopped listening to mainstream music radio a long time ago due to the awful play lists. Then I got a like from Madame Maledicta on Twitter. I viewed the profile and then discovered Eardrumbuzz radio. I have now found a lot of great music through her and some of the other people on here. She has really put up with me constantly messaging. Plus playing some of my requests. Seriously, this station is doing some great things especially for the more independent artists that really do deserve a lot more, certainly with all the same old same old out there. People need to listen to Eardrumbuzz.

Alexander Leonard Donat FAN


Favorite Band: No Age

Berlin, Germany