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In the past few days I've also been inspired, given positive feedback and feeling like my efforts with Eardrum Buzz Radio are making a difference.

A few nights back I got tagged in a post by a musican saying that he started making music late in life, just three years ago, and how with all that he's going through in his personal life, people like myself and morning DJ Madame Maledicta are getting him through and letting him know his music is heard and appreciated. Our exchange just gave me such a boost in confidence and I felt the love.

Know that there is a reason people are making music, talking about music, working in the music industry, teaching music, being critical about music, listening to music and actually purchasing music.

Why are you a fan and/or a musician? What bands mean something significant to you? What exchanges have you had that make you realize you're doing the right things or are leading you to improve and make you a better person, musician, fan?

Hear music with meaning at Eardrum Buzz Radio. Listen to the carefully curated, researched and produced shows by our many DJ's. Memorize the schedule, contact the DJ's on the Bio page, listen to their past shows on Mixcloud, send a submission, feedback or send in a request.

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