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EDBZ Blog #10

It's a cloudy/sunny Monday in February, I'm in a light jacket and shorts. Yes, it's that kind of day in Burbank. I'm at the local bookstore doing Eardrum Buzz Radio stuff, getting ready for a live show tonight, chatting with people, making fliers, loading songs. I've got a window table, my noise-canceling headphones on, my tinnitus ringing within the music heard during the new release block The Current Buzz from 11am-2pm PST weekdays, between Madame Maledicta Live from 8-11am and the Shore Dive Records Hour at 2pm. I've purchased and been submitted so much great music lately that I've expanded the time for The Current Buzz from one hour to three. I still have about 30 more minutes each day I can fill for this week.

I don't get a paycheck from doing this station, I keep my boring day job. I occasionally get a few dollars here and there from listeners, which goes right back into the latest purchases on Bandcamp. Danny Gellis, the enthusiastic and energetic host of Serious Spinach, heard weekly on Sundays at 11am and 9pm PST has some contacts and ideas for a fundraiser and to create a logo to be displayed on shirts. As long as there's a 2XLT shirt or two for me, I look forward to it, whenever we get around to it. An influential online station just celebrated its 10th anniversary and I hope to continue at least that long. I'm not getting any younger but my enthusiasm is still strong after 18 months doing this. The station continues to gain more listeners, some staying on for hours at a time, listening during their work hours, or maybe keeping us on at the house in the background. So, whether we're your soundtrack for your day, while stuck at work or simply something to keep your dogs and cats company while you're out, I thank you for tuning in to Eardrum Buzz Radio at and hope that you continue to do so for years to come.

Madame Maledicta has changed her schedule. She will be on Monday through Thursday now, still from 8am-11am PST. Monday is EDM and Witch House; Tuesday is her "Roots" show, documenting a sound, a band or a theme; Wednesday remains #shoegazewednesday, now including heavier "doomgaze" bands and Thursday is now #postpunkthursday, playing Goth, Post-Punk and Darkwave. You can reach Madame Maledicta on Twitter @mmemaledicta. I know she'll be happy to interact with you and take requests for her show!

Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

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