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EDBZ Blog #12

Madame Maledicta Live is Monday-Thursday at 8am-11am PDT. Mondays she plays Witchhouse and Wave, music you could dance to, music that you can enjoy as background while you work or take care of business. Tuesdays is Rooted, where she puts together a scholarly treatise on a style of music, an instrument, a label or a band and puts it into an historical perspective. She includes interviews and news pieces. You'll learn a lot and hear some great tunes. Wednesday is #shoegazewednesday, focusing on new releases with plenty of Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Rock and heavier tunes. Thursday is #postpunkthursday with three hours of Synthpop, Darkwave, Death Rock and Goth. You can reach Madame Maledicta on Twitter @mmemaledicta. Say hi, follow her and send a request!

This month I wanted to reach out to you fine listeners to ask a few questions and seek your knowledge and support.

How do you listen to Eardrum Buzz Radio? That's one of the things on my mind these days as I try to get more listeners to the station. The server I use only tracks the two operating systems for computers and iPhones and Android phones and then all notepads. But you might listen in your car, on your gaming console or on your television, or from a directory, along with many other ways I might not be familiar with.

I'd love to have Alexa and Echo be able to play Eardrum Buzz Radio. I'd love to have an app for your phone that would be like a mini-website and could also notify you when shows are playing.

So I reach out to you, the loyal listener and to those that are only just learning of Eardrum Buzz Radio. How do you listen to the station? What might I do to reach more listeners? Do you have a site you find podcasts on? Somewhere you go to listen to streaming stations? Help me out here, I'm not technologically advanced, I don't know all the ways you might find and listen to streaming services. Eardrum Buzz Radio is a station, not a jukebox, there are no algorithms telling you that if you like one band then you'd like another. This ain't Spotify where you pay a subscription. I buy most of the music and am lucky to get submissions from publicists and bands directly. I and the DJ's carefully curate their shows and most of those songs are in the library as well.

I want to keep alive the discovery of new music in a way that doesn't keep you in a bubble and doesn't have advertising every few songs. Eardrum Buzz Radio is made by humans for humans, by music fans for music fans. Not to rake in millions, but with a goal to at least pay for itself and have some form of a listener base.

So if you could let me know how and when you might tune into Eardrum Buzz Radio, how you could help spread the word on social media and to your friends and make this a meeting place for new music discovery, then I'd certainly appreciate your help and give you a shoutout on the station during our live shows or in a jingle to be played throughout the day where I mention your names.

If you'd like to support Eardrum Buzz Radio with your hard-earned money, you can do so on Paypal. Please include your names in the message so I can mention you on the station.

Check the schedule page and the DJ Bio page to contact the DJ's directly. Send us a message in the chat box below the player on the main page. Request a song, give us your band's Bandcamp links.

If you'd like to send us a Station Identification to be played throughout the day please include the following information:

Your name

Your band name (If applicable)

What instrument you play (optional)

Where you're from

and say something along the lines of: "you're listening to Eardrum Buzz Radio on Eardrum Buzz Dot Net." You can also include your Bandcamp link or social link as well. Make this your own. You can hear examples throughout the day on the station or I can send you an example. Send your ID as an MP3 file to with the subject line: "Name or Band Name's Station ID"

I thank you for your continued listening to the station and I hope to see Eardrum Buzz Radio in posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and on Tik Tok if you're there too. Text and call your friends about the station, send them messages and posts at the Eardrum Buzz Radio Group page. Let's bring more excitement to new and classic music made by and for true music fans.

(Written by Bret Miller)

Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

Follow Eardrum Buzz Radio: Instagram: @eardrumbuzzradio Twitter: @eardrum_buzz Facebook:

Send submissions to: with "Submission" and your band name in the subject. Please only MP3 files, no WAV files, no Spotify links, just your awesome music!

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