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EDBZ Blog #13

July 1st-4th will be the second anniversary of Eardrum Buzz Radio

I know, I find it hard to process as well, and I'm the guy that started this ball rolling. I had no grand plan, I just knew I loved music and wanted to share it with others. I am forever thankful for the talented and hard-working DJ's with their great taste in music adding to the overall experience of Eardrum Buzz Radio. I wouldn't do this without them.

The station is a great jukebox as well, often randomly cueing songs up in a satisfying order that puts a smile on my face, chills down my spine and a feeling that I'm doing my small part to bring music to the world.

Whether you listen to it or not, myself and my fellow DJ's are out there, planning shows, listening to songs, putting things in a pleasant order and talking about them for our own pleasure.

Will you be joining us or even being a guest DJ for the weekend? I hope you find something to love in whatever show you happen to tune in for.

Follow us at @eardrumbuzzradio on Facebook and @Eardrum_Buzz on Twitter and you'll learn of our guest DJ's throughout the weekend and when to tune in (aren't you already listening the whole weekend?).

There will be giveaways!

Get in the running to win vinyl and Downloads from the likes of Tombstones in Their Eyes, NewAgeHealers, Somewherecold Records, Minaxi, Shore Dive Records, Produkt 42 Records, EEP and The Rosie Varela Project, a guitar pedal from Danny Campbell of Trippin With Dino, Superdrone and Echodrone plus more to come. Just check our Facebook Group page posts to learn more. Last year Richard from Buffalo, NY won a huge package from Somewherecold Records of vinyl and CD's. What will you be able to win this year?

Here's a list of our guest DJ's (so far):

Goran Karlsvik and Ronny Raskinn of Norwegian band Damokles will return with their classic duo shenanigans and treat us to some of their favorites bands between their humorous banter.

Heather and Mario Macias, faithful listeners to our Vapour Trail Live and my EDBZ Live shows will be putting together what is sure to be a thrilling set. They hail from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, an excellent town name! They also create music as Winter of Our Faith.

Joseph Scurto out of Florida will be curating a show and if he includes as much great music as he requests for our live shows, this hour is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Joseph is also half of Captive Frame with his lovely wife Mindy.

Echodrone bassist and founding member Brandon Dudley has already sent in his anniversary show, following up from his excellent and bass-centric first anniversary set. In his part of the Echodrone's full-band two hour show he also included songs with excellent bass players and performances. I didn't recognize most of the songs on the setlist but I'm certain he's put together a great show.

DJ Jimi C of Black Nite Crash will also be putting together what I'm sure will be a rocking and rolling set with plenty of surprises.

Rosie Varela of EEP and The Rosie Varela Project will be crafting a meditative journey through styles and sounds with segues between of poetry and musings. I'm very excited about Rosie's show as it will hopefully turn into a regular monthly show to be enjoyed the world over.

And hopefully there will be more DJ's sending in their hours in the coming weeks.

Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

Follow Eardrum Buzz Radio: Instagram: @eardrumbuzzradio Twitter: @eardrum_buzz Facebook:

Send submissions to: with "Submission" and your band name in the subject. Please only MP3 files, no WAV files, no Spotify links, just your awesome music!

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