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EDBZ Blog #14

Eardrum Buzz Radio is two years young this past July and we're still getting our legs under us and learning to walk. DJ's have come and gone, some taking a hiatus while moving or enjoying their summer and new hosts are arriving this August. Madame Maledicta just wrapped up here month-long exploration of the music of Kate Bush, prizes were sent out for the second anniversary weekend and new music is added almost daily to the library.

I've started a Patreon page to help gather funds to keep the station afloat and to afford me more of my own income to put towards necessities. I've researched other server options like which offers more space but at higher prices while also providing many more ways to track listeners. So I created a Patreon page to offer you the chance to have your name mentioned on the station throughout the day to let everyone know you support independent endeavors like Eardrum Buzz Radio, a station that plays music you won't hear on Spotify or terrestrial radio or even satellite stations. We have many DJ's who carefully curate their shows and show their love for creativity in the form of music. For continued support we offer a coffee mug with our EDBZ logo which you can use for holding flowers, guitar picks or to drink your favorite beverage. I'm working on finding other things that will add value to your subscriptions and to show my thanks for supporting the station.

After our four day long Second Anniversary Weekend I sent out prizes to some of our lucky listeners.

Fernando Altonaga received four albums from Hogar Records, including two albums from EEP and Ross Ingram's solo album.

Kelvyn Williams got CD's from EEP, Ross Ingram and The Rosie Varela Project.

John Emslie and Heather Macias got digital albums from Echodrone's discography

C. Reyes and D. Katz got vinyl from Somewherecold Records

Barry Snaith, Rigoberto De La Mora, Kris Gardner and Sarah Mills received downloads for Blind by Sun Shines Cold

Kate Sims, Toni Brooks, Christie Hassler, Josiah Lambert and Lindy Jones got downloads for Alone by Sun Shines Cold

Gave Sun Shines Cold “Blind” download codes to Barry Snaith, Heather Macias, Rigoberto de la Mora, Kris Garner, and Sarah Mills

Sierra Peralta, John Emslie and Rob Barnes all got downloads from Minaxi

Several more listeners got downloads from the likes of Shore Dive Records, Minaxi, Sect Appeal Records, Echodrone and Sun Shines Cold.

On the anniversary weekend we had guest shows from Heather and Mario Macias of Winter Of Our Faith, Jim Biggs of Black Nite Crash, Ronny and Goran of Damokles et al, Brandon Dudley of Echodrone and Jason Lamoreaux of the Corrupting Sea and head of Somewherecold Records. Meagan Masingill did two live shows and DJ Wednesday went live during her Saturday time slots. Nico put together an excellent Shore Dive Records overview for his Beatastic Transmissions and John Trainer of Tombstones In Their Eyes did a special live show on Friday night. Rosie Varela of EEP and The Rosie Varela Project debuted her first episode of Be Here Now, an hour of guided meditation and music.

Over the four day weekend anniversary we had 329 unique IP's with 452 total listening hours along with all the other ways people tuned in via smart TV's, gaming consoles, listening in their cars, at work and through directories and streaming sites. That's a whole heck of a lot of ears tuned in to Eardrum Buzz Radio all over the world!

Elizabeth Klisiewicz and The Kitchen Sink has moved on to greener pastures and you can still hear her shows on Mixcloud. Kelvyn Williams and Head Trip will end on July 31st so he can focus on work and his family and his own music projects. Both Elizabeth and Kelvyn have incredible music tastes and passion for music and they'll both be missed on the station.

Four new shows will begin on Eardrum Buzz Radio in the forms of The Jazz Scene with Charles Maxey; Be Here Now with Rosie Varela; Your First Listen with Kris Gardner and Echoes In A Shallow Bay with Heather Macias. You may recognize the names as you already follow their bands or shows. Charles Maxey aka Charles Motorbike hosts The Charles Motorbike Show and now has The Jazz Scene playing jazzy music on Sundays at 11pm. Be Here Now is hosted by Rosie Varela of EEP and The Rosie Varela Project and is a monthly hour of meditation and music designed to calm and soothe and fill your soul and can be heard on the first Mondays at 8pm. Your First Listen is a weekly show hosted by Kris Gardner full of the newest releases and will be aired on Mondays at 6pm. Echoes in A Shallow Bay is a monthly two hour show hosted by Heather Macias of Winter Of Our Faith and is a deep dive into all the music she's loved throughout the years and the latest releases. All times Pacific time.

And a huge thank you to all the bands, labels and publicists for sending submissions to the station! Your music is placed in the library, sent out to our DJ's and is played for a few weeks on weekdays from 11am-2pm Pacific time on the Current Buzz block.

Follow Elizabeth Klisiewicz's The Kitchen Sink on Mixcloud:

Eardrum Buzz Radio Patreon page:

Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

Follow Eardrum Buzz Radio: Instagram: @eardrumbuzzradio Twitter: @eardrum_buzz Facebook:

Send submissions to: with "Submission" and your band name in the subject. Please only MP3 files, no WAV files, no Spotify links, just your awesome music!

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