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EDBZ Blog #16

Looking back at the year so far, I could talk politics, celebrities, TV and movies. But it always comes down to the music for me. It almost always fits, I pick and choose who to support by purchasing the songs on Bandcamp or from the band or label's websites, whether in digital, CD or vinyl form, always asking myself "Does this speak to me?" or "Would my listeners like this song/artist?". My choices of sounds have broadened and softened over the two and a half years since starting Eardrum Buzz Radio and I'm consistently finding new and interesting artists to play, to listen to on my own time and making sure my own ears can handle the sounds. Having tinnitus as well as knowing what I like are factors even more so as I grow and evolve.

You can hear the latest songs added to Eardrum Buzz Radio on The Current Buzz block weekdays from 3pm-6pm PST.

John Wellby and Lesa Hannah had their first show on Eardrum Buzz Radio this last month, trading vocal duties between songs. Their one hour show is Fuzz Delay Reverb and you can hear it now on Sundays at 11am and 7pm PST with replays the following weeks. Visit them at:

I've also begun two merch stores!

Now you can buy shirts, pullovers and hoodies at! Mindy Scurto of MK Studio has designed our first shirt design I call "Evolve". Please support the station by purchasing a shirt and telling people about the store. Become a Patron and get a 10% discount. Go to and find out more. We also have shirts, mugs, totes and hats.

You can reach Mindy Scurto to design something for you at:

Speaking of Patreon, you can also support the station for as little as $5 a month. I know you spend more than that for a cup or two of coffee so please consider sending a few dollars our way to help cover the costs of running an online station. You'll get a code for discounts on Bonfire merch as well as hear live shows first and exclusive mixes. I'll also record Shout Outs with your name that play throughout the day at Eardrum Buzz Radio.

Other ways to support Eardrum Buzz Radio are via Paypal: Every little bit helps and goes towards bills, saving for new gear and purchasing more music for your enjoyment. You can also retweet our autoposts from twitter @eardrum_buzz and on Instagram @eardrumbuzzradio and repost and share our events on Facebook, post about your new music and releases at and join us there to chat during our shows.

Thanks to everyone who listens to Eardrum Buzz Radio, chats with us throughout the week and during our live shows and helps spread the word. You are appreciated!

Eardrum Buzz Radio Patreon page:

Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

Follow Eardrum Buzz Radio: Instagram: @eardrumbuzzradio Twitter: @eardrum_buzz Facebook:

Send submissions to: with "Submission" and your band name in the subject. Please only MP3 files, no WAV files, no Spotify links, just your awesome music!


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