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EDBZ Blog #17

We have new shirts! Tony Burnett has been working on designs for what seems like the better part of 2022 and finally turned in some amazing logos and designs for Eardrum Buzz Radio. We made our first sale on the day of posting about it. The first print doesn't have a name yet, so if you can think of one, let me know at and I'll send you a T-Shirt. You can find the new shirts here. Mindy Scurto's "Evolve" design is also in the store here.

WE'RE LOOKING FOR A MORNING DJ to entertain and educate our audience in the hours between 7am-2pm PST Mondays-Thursdays, for at least 3 hours. Preferably live but recorded is fine too. Wherever you're from, if you have the time, please contact me at

We're also looking for DJ's for regular shows, monthly, twice monthly or even weekly if you have the time. You must be willing to learn the server, load and schedule your shows and to promote your shows and Eardrum Buzz Radio. I'm pretty open about styles, but if you've heard the station for at least an hour, you know what we play. If you are reliable, have personality, love great music and possess the slightest technical abilities, please contact with "DJ Enquiry" in the email subject line.

Greg Peters, Meagan Masingill and myself had our First Tracks Vapour Trail Live a few weeks ago and while I made it almost 3 hours, Greg and Meagan went on for a few more hours. It was great fun and I hope to revisit that theme again.

By becoming a Patron you can hear our Vapour Trail Lives where all three of us participate before anyone else gets it on Podbean. This month Patreons get to hear the five hour version while the rest of the world gets the three hour version.

What would you like to get or hear for becoming an Eardrum Buzz Radio Patron?

Become a Patron and help support the station at:

If you can wait to hear Vapour Trail live online, go to and listen to our shows there or download for later listening. You can also find many of our guest DJ shows from the likes of Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Echodrone.

Stephane, aka DJ Wampas has a new (to us) show on Eardrum Buzz Radio called Shoegaze Dreams and you can hear it on the 3rd Sundays at 10am & 6pm Pacific. Sound Is Deep In The Dark is on the 1st Sundays at the same times. Shows replay the following week. Both shows are now one hour long. DJ Wampas always digs up the most deserving independent bands from around the world and you'll be sure to find a new favorite band every time.

Madame Maledicta has moved on to other adventures to showcase the latest musical releases. You can find her at:

I will miss tuning into the station Monday-Thursday to hear her great taste in music, her endless enthusiasm and rambling stories about her life. I also enjoyed when she talked about the history of bands and her shows were always fun.

John Treanor has put his The Bitter Seas show on hold while he gets ready to play live and release his new album with Tombstones In Their Eyes. We wish the best to John and hope he can return in some form or other down the line. If you haven't heard or seen his band TITE, be sure to give them a listen and see them live if you get a chance!

We've got some leads for new DJ's. When I know, you'll know but they might include a bassist with bangs, another bassist that has done two previous shows and a blonde singer from Ireland with an upbeat attitude.

That's it for this month!


(The guy that runs Eardrum Buzz Radio)

Other ways to support Eardrum Buzz Radio are via Paypal: Every little bit helps and goes towards bills, saving for new gear and purchasing more music for your enjoyment. You can also retweet our autoposts from Twitter @eardrum_buzz and on Instagram @eardrumbuzzradio and repost and share our events on Facebook, post about your new music and releases at and join us there to chat during our shows.

Thanks to everyone who listens to Eardrum Buzz Radio, chats with us throughout the week and during our live shows and helps spread the word. You are appreciated!

Eardrum Buzz Radio Patreon page:

Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

Follow Eardrum Buzz Radio: Instagram: @eardrumbuzzradio Twitter: @eardrum_buzz Facebook:

Send submissions to: with "Submission" and your band name in the subject. Please only MP3 files, no WAV files, no Spotify links, just your awesome music!

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