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EDBZ Blog #26

Eardrum Buzz Radio's Fourth Anniversary is coming up on July 4th and we're looking for music lovers to curate a one or two hour show of music. Please contact me at with "Anniversary show" in the subject line if you're interested in doing a show. The deadline is June 1st. We've had so many great bands and fans create shows for the station and hope you have something interesting and full of energy to contribute.

Every Monday at 7am Pacific on Facebook I ask for people to send me a picture of themselves listening to the station and so far, people don't seem to know how to point and shoot. Taking a picture will get you a free coffee mug. Did I mention it's free? There are a few choices too. If you haven't already, please head over to our merch store and check out our clothes and mugs and totes and hats. Visit: And If you're a Patron and help support Eardrum Buzz Radio you'll get the merch at cost plus the cost of shipping.

I've been enjoying some Twitch DJ's in the past few months. Charles Motorbike has his shows on Tuesdays at 10pm Pacific for two hours and again on Thursdays at 10pm for three hours. He's been improving his setup every show and you can catch him live at: We replay his Tuesday shows on Saturdays at 11pm

Pacific. Follow his show to get notified when he's live. Most of the Twitch DJ's play 80's music and videos. I can guess their ages are close to my own or older by the songs and by seeing them if they have cameras on them and not just videos. I've been learning of many bands I didn't know about and am being reminded of all the great bands that came and went. It's great fun to come home after work and chat with others around the country. Some DJ's play newer bands and videos, different styles, and mix things up with cameras and videos. So when someone I'm watching gives a shoutout I'm usually going to follow those new to me DJ's. Can I sit at my desk and watch all of them every night? I wouldn't even if I wasn't working some nights just to give my ears a break from so much music. But when I have the energy I catch up with a few fellow music fans and maybe share some stories while music new and old is playing. I still want you all to listen to Eardrum Buzz Radio, but I just wanted to share that I'm still having fun with music and fellow music fans.

As our 4th anniversary comes up in a few months, I look forward to seeing who is interested in sharing their music and their favorite songs to me and the world and helping support Eardrum Buzz Radio. We're humans, we have our own great taste in music, our DJ's put plenty of energy into creating our shows and deciding what we want to share with you. I invite you to give Eardrum Buzz Radio a listen. Read about our DJ's, set up your schedule and follow everyone on their socials. We at Eardrum Buzz Radio are weird, wonderful and we love music!

I'm on Facebook at:,, on Twitter @eardrum_buzz and Instagram @eardrumbuzzradio. I have an autopost for songs played on Twitter too.

Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email me at and send me your band submissions in MP3 format as well as your requests and keep up with our latest shows! Sign up for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of our website or check out the Blog page on the website.

Become a Patron and help support the station at:

Other ways to support Eardrum Buzz Radio are via Paypal: Every little bit helps and goes towards bills, saving for new gear and purchasing more music for your enjoyment. You can also retweet our autoposts from Twitter @eardrum_buzz and on Instagram @eardrumbuzzradio and repost and share our events on Facebook, post about your new music and releases at and join us there to chat during our shows.

Thanks to everyone who listens to Eardrum Buzz Radio, chats with us throughout the week and during our live shows and helps spread the word. You are appreciated!

Eardrum Buzz Radio Patreon page:

Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

Follow Eardrum Buzz Radio: Instagram: @eardrumbuzzradio Twitter: @eardrum_buzz Facebook:

Podbean: listen HERE 

Spotify: listen to our podcast HERE 

Send submissions to: with "Submission" and your band name in the subject. Please only MP3 files, no WAV files, no Spotify links, just your awesome music!

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