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EDBZ Blog #6

Somewherecold Records is selling Devotions' Pusher on CD and digital and if 100 people order the vinyl, it will get pressed and released later this year. In order for that to happen, you MUST order the vinyl. Devotions' warm and inviting sound will surely sound incredible on vinyl coming out of big speakers, enveloping the air with bass synths and sensual vocals.

releases September 9, 2021

Luke Zahnleiter – music and lyrics

Kate Mockunzie – vocals

Listen to this if you like: SRSQ, Darkswoon, Tamaryn, Grivo.

As someone that has been actively listening to, being critical of and talking about music since 1980 when I was a young teen, I like to think I have a refined sense of what music "works" for me. What touches me, what makes me think, feel, wonder about.

The other night I futiley tried to get a few songs onto my computer and onto my online radio station. I was stopped short by a band called Devotions. Knowing nothing about them, other than a suspicion that they were on Somewherecold Records, I gave them a listen.

Usually I will scan the songs, tag them and put them on the station. It's time consuming and I don't often get to fully enjoy the music of most bands. I put the songs on Devotions' album Pusher in order and listened from beginning to end.

They remind me a little of Tamaryn with her sensual and soothing vocals sang over guitars and programmed drums. But then I hear the synth bass and think Darkswoon. Then the band mixes up the tempo with guitars drifting through a sea of synths and bass groove. The vocals really sink into my psyche with a romantic, emotional delivery, something sorely lacking in what I've heard lately.

The second half of the album forgoes guitars almost entirely, just some strums here and there. But the melodies and chord progressions draw you in with synth strings and midtempo, crunchy percussion. It's that voice though that's really the highlight.

Devotions create a mood, an environment to breathe and relax or have your breath taken away by their slow-burn arrangements. They make you feel something, whether it's longing, loving or loss. The music on Pusher will enchant you.

Written by Bret Miller

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