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EDBZ Blog #7

I'm sitting here listening to the new album from Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters called Destiny Waiving. What does it sound like? It sounds like Heaven, little fluffy clouds, running through a warm rain, hugging someone you love, cuddling with your pet, tickling your kids. There's guitars, bass, synths, piano and more synths and more guitars. Just what my ears need on this hot last day of September.

I got to meet Serious Spinach host Danny Gellis today. He looks nothing like his pictures but I could feel the energy that he puts into his shows every week. If you haven't listened to Danny's show yet, Serious Spinach is on Sundays at 11am and 9pm Pacific Time. Danny, like myself, grew up in Los Angeles and he channels the spirit of all the same DJ's I listened to through my teens. He even did a show themed to Los Angeles radio DJ's of the past. Did I mention each Serious Spinach is themed? They are, but not usually in a way you'd expect and certainly not in the songs he selects. You'll get whiplash as Danny careens between Rap, classic Country & Western, Noise Rock, Punk and beyond, all held together with commercials, soundbites and Danny's hilarious personality.

Eardrum Buzz Radio also welcomes Charles Motorbike of the Charles Motorbike Show and Press Play with Charles and Dave. Their shows are a lot of fun to hear, Charles' sets range from catchy Rock to Psych, Shoegaze and Dream-Pop. Press Play's sets are wider ranging and whether you've heard any of the groups or not, you'll be delighted with what they play.

Most impressive of all about Charles, besides his suave between song patter, is that he does his show and Press Play live! I've seen it and I'm always impressed how he juggles his setlist, talking about the songs, chats with listeners and also accepts requests.

You can hear The Charles Motorbike Show Saturdays at 11pm PDT / 7am GMT and Press Play with Charles and Dave on Sundays at 11pm PDT / 7am GMT.

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Written by Bret Miller

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