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EDBZ Blog #9

We've got a new DJ coming to Eardrum Buzz Radio!

Wampas will be featured at 9am & 5pm PST on Sundays. He will alternate between Dream Pop & Shoegaze show Underrated?! and Darkwave & Post-Punk show Sound Is Deep In the Dark on the first and third Sundays with repeats the following week. Wampas' first show on Eardrum Buzz Radio will be his picks for 2021 on Underrated?.

Another full rotation of our blue planet has come and gone, the last day of 2021 we heard the news of Betty White's passing at 99. Someone said that she chose the best time possible as that many more people would be raising their glasses on New Year's Eve in remembrance of this classy lady that has brought joy to so many people's lives. She gives inspiration to those that think the best years are behind us, that all we have to look forward to is pain and doctor's visits and seeing those loved ones around us all have their tickets punched for the train ride to heaven. So much more is there to see in the world, so many things to surprise and delight us can be hoped for in the years to come. If Betty White could be more popular than ever in her 60's and 70's, what could we too be doing with ourselves later in life?

What do you hope for in your life? What obstacles do you hope to overcome? What do you want to create? What improvements do you seek for yourselves, for others and the world in general?

I hope to see an end to this Covid scare. People get sick, people die and the economy has been devastated not to mention the livelihoods of millions of people have been effected. Just get one or two jabs, depending on the vaccine maker, get that booster, try not to get sick. Keep on doing your thing but wear a mask where it's mandated! Almost every day I get a notification that one of my coworkers has got sick. It's a real thing.

So I have to ask myself, what options do I have in the second half of my century of life? I'd love to travel, relax, get motivated to better my life, my health, my income. What would Betty White do?

I hope for a happy and healthy 2022 to you all. Thanks for listening to Eardrum Buzz Radio and I am so pleased to have interacted with so many great people from all over the world, from the DJ's, to the fans, musicians and publicists working hard to help spread the love of music.

Keep creating, keep smiling, keep caring for your friends, family and neighbors. Don't take your health or that of others for granted and be kind to everyone! And keep Eardrum Buzz Radio on as your soundtrack to 2022!

Written by Bret Miller

Eardrum Buzz Radio

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