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EDBZ Blog #20

I'm happy to announce our third anniversary! This year July 4th falls on a Tuesday so you're going to hear five days of music from our DJ family along with guest DJ's. Check the schedule page at for our regular shows and for guest spots.

We'll have giveaways including DL's, vinyl, CD's and shirts from Friday, June 6/30 through Tuesday, July 4th.

I want to thank all the listeners and DJ's, past and present for being a part of Eardrum Buzz Radio and the connections we've made. Whether you know it or not, you're the very reason I started this station. That, and I love music, but mostly it's about people from all around the world.

You can help get EDBZ bigger by reposting and sharing events, retweeting and Instagramming, playing the station wherever you're at, wearing our shirts and generally just being awesome. You can always share your love of music on our group page and invite people to join at I'm on Twitter @eardrum_buzz and Instagram @eardrumbuzzradio. You can always tag Eardrum Buzz Radio too!

Cruel World 2023 was a blast though it ended early due to lightning. Gary Numan who got to play a full set returned Sunday as did Iggy Pop who got his set cut short. Siouxsie got to play a longer set at an hour and a half. I didn't get to see it as I had dinner with my extended family.

We got in just in time for Animotion and they put on a fun set. Yes, they played You're My Obsession.

Berlin took the slot for The Motels who canceled only a week earlier and put on a solid set of songs you likely know if you're old enough. Terri Nunn still has the pipes and even sang the opening to Take My Breath Away a capella.

The Vapors were a pleasant surprise and put on a great post-punk set ending with Turning Japanese.

Modern English were also a surprise putting on a professional set full of noise and interesting sounds. I need to go back to their catalogue and give them due respect. They ended with a singalong take on I Melt With You, at one point the singer commenting "What a lovely song".

Gang of Four with original singer Jon King back in the fold, with original drummer Hugo Burnham behind the kit and early bassist Sara Lee playing those dub and funk lines with a smile. David Pajo kept the angular guitar lines bright and angry. GO4 got me dancing in the sun.

Back to the main stage for Gary Numan and his band. They were loud and buzzing, a bit too much for my already buzzing ears and I got bored after the third same pounding sound. They played Cars deep in their set and everyone around me seemed to enjoy the show.

Echo & The Bunnymen were great as usual and had us singing along to all our favorites. They didn't have cameras on them but sounded great even if you couldn't see them.

Love & Rockets were the highlight of the day with their psychedelic graphics and video treatments on the band camera shown on the screens on either side of the stage. As the sun went down the lights came up in deep reds and blues and bright white and the drum stand was lit with colored circles. They played music from earlier in their career which is just fine though later on they had some solid songs.

Iggy went on, we went to take a break and decided to go see Human League. We couldn't get within a thousand feet of the smallest stage. They played a few songs before having to be stopped due to inclement weather. There were a few flashes of lightning off to the north over the hills and apparently that was enough reason to end the show early. Those who didn't have to travel home Sunday got to come back and enjoy the rest of the show sans Human League. The promoter made good on that.

On the back screen of the two smaller stages were often shown videos of the songs being played along with colorful graphics adding to the fun. The weather was nice, a cool breeze came in later on but it sure would have been great to see Siouxsie play and for Human League to get to finish their set. Next year will likely be as packed with great bands as these past two. I'd love to see Human League asked back. We missed Squeeze, ABC and Billy Idol but saw plenty and left happy to have enjoyed so much music that's still relevant today. this wasn't just a nostalgia fest, it was a celebration of life and art. The food, outhouse and water refill lines were much shorter this year, a big improvement over last year.

And The Cure at the Hollywood Bowl was a marathon set of longer songs including six new ones, ending with a whole bunch of their poppier tunes to get us dancing. The band was in fine form for almost three hours and everyone was singing and dancing throughout.

Thanks for your support!

Bret Miller

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Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

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