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EDBZ Blog #25

I named my station partly because I have tinnitus. I've talked about it before but I've had it for at a decade and it only got worse after my second Covid shot. It could be linked to high blood pressleasture or any number of things, but it's not a fun thing to experience day after day. I got used to it, tolerated and accepted it knowinthat it will likely never go away.  I already have a hard time hearing others' words in my head when someone is talking to me. I have to visualize the letters together in my head or have recently heard the word. I have difficulty hearing certain words regardless.

I love music. In case you couldn't already tell.  I'm still struggling with the soundcard in my laptop, trying to tweak it so that the volume isn't so forceful. Maybe it's the speakers? I'm always lowering the volume while listening to music or watching a video.  So when the publicists and labels and bands are gracious enough to put me on their mailing list to add music to the station and get on our DJ shows, and the mix/mastering/overall decibel loud volume is bad, I lower the DB's via Audacity or Audition. Sometimes I fool around with the equalization, lowering, or raising certain qualities of the song. I'm not that good with it, nor do I understand the tech side of things in these programs, but it's fun. After a few hours of constant listening to music, my hearing goes flat. That's why I hope for a movement back to dynamics, where certain instruments or parts in a song's mix are higher or lower in volume and space is included in the song structure. The highest peaks of a song file can go up to 100 Db, but everything in the song shouldn't also be constantly at the same level. All loud all the time isn't good for your ears, your hearing, or your energy levels. Your ears need a break, which means quieter parts of songs, breaks, instrumental sections, or anything to let our ears "catch a breath" and recharge.

Before I get too up my own butt about the technical aspects of song mixes or masters, I would just like you all to consider how a song sounds overall, kind of in a meta way. And maybe i

And I finally bought Dilla Time. 

I'm still finding things to be passionate about, digging deep to further educate myself on interesting aspects and artists and also be entertained. 

I recently moved things around behind the scenes on the station. The shows are all the same and at the same times, I still play Post-Punk on Saturdays and more Electronic and Pop tunes on Sundays. But I just smoothed out the flow of the styles a little and I hope your listening experience is altered in a good way. Or maybe there's something you don't like, let me know!

The Store has a few new hats, totes and shirts, and I'm giving the mugs away on Facebook, so look for a post on Monday morning at 6am PDT asking for a picture of you listening to the station and get a free coffee mug! 

Thanks for your support!

Bret Miller

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Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

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