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EDBZ Blog #23

On Sunday, November 26, guitarist and founding member of Killing Joke, Kevin "Geordie" Walker passed away. Geordie created some of the most iconic guitar lines in rock and roll, playing his hollow body Gibson ES-295 through most of his career. The sound of his playing has influenced the likes of Metallica and Nirvana as well as many lesser-known acts through the decades. Geordie could play melody and powerful riffs in equal measure. His looks in the 80's and 90's were stylish. Just look at him in the video for Eighties. The band released 15 studio albums and several live releases, compilations and retrospectives. Their live shows are legendary. Their fans are called Gatherers and singer Jaz Coleman always made Killing Joke fans feel like family as we all joined in communion at the live shows. 

In homage, designer Mindy Scurto of MK Studios created the latest design for Eardrum Buzz Radio using the debut Killing Joke album cover as inspiration. You can honor Geordie Walker and Killing Joke as well as look great supporting our radio station.

We've got a few more logos and our Goth AF shirt in T's and hoodies for you to look great in the winter chill.

Printify store address:

Here's what I wrote after seeing a post from the duo Distance from Zero ( about only going to concerts to see bands you became fans of when you were 14 years old.

As I read this article I'm listening to Steely Dan's Aja and sipping on coffee, deciding what to do with my day free of work. I wrote for a free music magazine for almost 30 years, saw multitudes of concerts, met some of my musical heroes in person and talked with them on the phone, read about, listened to and scoured the record stores for the latest releases. When I was 52 I decided to start an online radio station and have been turned on to many new sounds and bands, music that I would not have known about if I didn't keep seeking and listening. That said, I do understand the nostalgia, of being taken back to a time and place. I'll be going to the Cruel World Festival in May and aside from a handful of newer bands, they're all from the 80's, though some are still releasing new music and touring. Ride and The Charlatans are in January. Nothing from newer bands coming up yet, but if I have the energy, I'll go to a small club and bliss out to some lesser known though no less wonderful band. I think of what some of the newer bands and their music will last and imprint themselves on me. Are my best days behind? The aches and pains, the gut, the disinterest in socializing that's always been part of me? At least I'll continue to travel and dance and sing to the music in my life and I'll never stop looking for the next good feeling.

Aside from playing Baldur's Gate 3 I've been enjoying making mixes for our Patrons to hear. The latest is a three part mix that started as Synthpop songs from the 80's to today but morphed into New Wave meets modern acts. By including a few songs from mostly teen comedies of my youth, I started to make up a narrative in my head, at least for the second one. If you'd like to hear those mixes and many others, often focusing on one band, consider becoming a Patron. I've got Teen Movie Soundtrack, Teen Movie II: Pink & Black and Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack already slapped together and ready for our supporters to enjoy.

I really don't like when the clocks change, which they did recently in the States. I've been lucky this time around with not being terribly affected by the change except for being ready for bed at 7pm and wanting to sleep past 8am. The weather is getting chillier though.

For all who thrive in the dark, the nightlife, the clubs and concerts, the restaurants and to just hang out with friends, the longer nights mean more time to enjoy nocturnal activities. But soon jackets will be on and so will pants when not at work. I'm a polo shirt and shorts type of person most days of the year. 

One thing you can enjoy with the stars above your head and a friend by your side is the music and our DJ shows on Eardrum Buzz Radio. You can listen 24 hours a day, but our DJ shows just sound better at night. I play most shows in the morning for the UK and European audiences who are half a day ahead of us, but I also replay most of them at night for the US listeners and those into the next day over in Australia. So every weekend show is on twice a day and usually repeated the following week. No excuse to miss out! Check the schedule below the player on the website's main page at and be sure to set your alarm, put us in your calendar and enjoy our DJ's and library tunes. 

By the time you read this I will have gone to Darker Waves Fest in Huntington Beach. It's full of 80's bands, most that still tour, some that still put out new releases. It will be a challenge to see all the bands. Human League and B-52's are on at the same time! Devo, OMD, Violent Femmes, New Order, Tears For Fears, Soft Cell, The Chameleons, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Psychedelic Furs are just some of the older bands with Drab Majesty and Twin Tribes bringing in a younger crowd. Those last two bands are playing early in the day. Wish us old folks luck making it through the day on the beach from noon to 10pm. 

Update: We made it through Darker Waves! Though I missed seeing Daanon the whole day. Dave and I heard from a distance sets from most of the bands I listed above, though The Bunnymen were on the same time as the Furs so we didn't move from our picnic tables. Food and booze was plentiful, the lines at the outhouses weren't too long, the sand wasn't too bad and the weather was nice. There could have been half the bands on two stages near together and it would be so much better for old guys like us but it was a good time with lots of singing along to Blister in the Sun, Rock Lobster, Tesla Girls, Love My Way, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Whip It, Perfect Kiss and so many other great songs. 

I'll also be seeing Depeche Mode next month, again with Dave. You'll likely hear about that show in the new year. And tickets to see Peter Hook and The Light are on sale now for next year. They'll be playing both Joy Division and New Order Substance albums. I'll be at The Palladium in Hollywood next September. And Cruel World tickets are secured! Go see the lineup for yourself. There's no way we'll see all the bands we want to see (as per usual at these festivals) but who we do see will be incredible.

We always appreciate free publicity too, so if you see an autopost on Twitter or an event on Facebook, please consider sharing and inviting your friends when there's a show you like coming on that week. Finding a larger audience for Eardrum Buzz Radio is a constant goal. 

You can support Eardrum Buzz Radio by becoming a Patron at where we have discounts on shirts, free mixes and early replays of our Vapour Trail Live shows. For as little as $5 a month you can show your support for independent radio and help keep us going for years to come. I want to thank all our Patrons, without you I'd have less money to buy more music and to keep the website and station going. Butch, Colin, Charles, Lat, En Jay, Clay, Steve, Dave, Whitney, John E, John T, Justin and Patrick: I most appreciate your support for Eardrum Buzz Radio!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Expect some Christmas and holiday-themed tunes in the coming weeks. Be sure to hug your kids, your family, your friends and your pets and enjoy the rest of the year! 

Thanks for your support!

Bret Miller

I'm on Facebook at:,, on Twitter @eardrum_buzz and Instagram @eardrumbuzzradio. I have an autopost for songs played on Twitter too. On Patreon you will get exclusive mixes of some of my favorite bands, a discount code for shirts and you'll get to hear Vapour Trail Live a week early, plus mugs, totes and more for the higher tiers. Buy shirts and hoodies with three different designs and many color choices at:

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Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

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