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EDBZ Blog #22

Now that the summer is over, the days are getting shorter and cooler, less sweating is a nice thing yet I can still wear shorts and short sleeves as I do for the vast majority of the year. It's not jacket cold yet. What does happen around now is the time changes, for a few weeks the schedules are kooky for Australia, UK and US as our times don't change on the same dates. So be sure to check Google for the times our shows air in the coming weeks through October. This also means that you can expect two shows of spooky tunes from DJ Wednesday on Six Beats Under Saturdays at 9am & 9pm plus I'll be playing more scary songs all day October 31st.

I won't go into too much detail but for a while I was getting ready to move to another server for Eardrum Buzz Radio. The only reason was because of a lack of space. I had too much music and too little room to hold it. After a few weeks of annoyance, trying to figure out the new server and fretting over their lacking, and it was a HUGE lacking, the once and future home of Eardrum Buzz Radio offered three times the space for half again as much as I was already paying. Phew! We would have had to use 3-4 different programs just to have live shows with more than one person on the mic and to be able to hear each other live, pre-delay. And they wouldn't have had the one, single program we've been using to hook up, hear each other and have access to the library like we do now. Granted, the other server had excellent customer service, much better tracking, a few other perks as well but what it really came down to was: could we do our live shows with ease? So I'm happy to say we're staying where we are but now we have additional space.

What does this mean for you? Absolutely nothing! You still get the same great music, the same awesome DJ's and song selections and incredible classics and new tunes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Nico has changed his new music show to Shore Dive Records Transmissions. Shore Dive is his label so I guess a little branding doesn't hurt. He has his Shore Dive Records Hour weekdays from 2-3pm and Saturdays at 11am PT with music from the label and on Saturdays at 12pm, 4pm & 8pm PT you can hear new music from the label and songs from other bands and labels along with Nico's introductions.

Our Eardrum Buzz Radio Store is still up and there are plenty of shirts and logos to choose from. Craig and Damian of Tina & The Hams have worn their shirts in public, on stage and in Craig's backyard. Here they are modeling for you.

Sean Schultz is also using the power of the Buzz while in the recording booth for his Sonder band.

David Kasheta is doing two hour shows from 11am-1pm Pacific through the end of the year while Keeley Moss is busy touring and promoting her debut full-length album. We'll find an earlier time for David to continue his two consecutive hours once Keeley is back in January. Until then, rock your socks off at 11am and 7pm PT with two hours of catchy tunes on Rock Never Rusts.

I've rambled enough for a while. Thanks to everyone who tunes in for the whole day, someone in San Marcos, Texas, someone in an unknown city in Germany, someone in Toronto, Canada and to all who join us for our live and recorded shows and who post on our facebook group page. Knowing you're out there keeps me going.

Thanks for your support!

Bret Miller

I'm on Facebook at:,, on Twitter @eardrum_buzz and Instagram @eardrumbuzzradio. I have an autopost for songs played on Twitter too. On Patreon you will get exclusive mixes of some of my favorite bands, a discount code for shirts and you'll get to hear Vapour Trail Live a week early, plus mugs, totes and more for the higher tiers. Buy shirts and hoodies with three different designs and many color choices at:

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Thanks to everyone who listens to Eardrum Buzz Radio, chats with us throughout the week and during our live shows and helps spread the word. You are appreciated!

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Written by Bret Miller Eardrum Buzz Radio

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